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Cooking–One of my many interests!  I love to cook and am decent at the art, but certainly nothing to write home about.  I enjoy good, hearty, simple, balanced FOOD and I  love it when others like it! 🙂  I have all sorts of wants like perfecting and annually canning jams, relishes, and veggies and making fantastic breads.  I often get in over my head because I dream big, but without a challenge and gigantic ideas, life may become mundane. 

Keep in mind that we live 40 minutes from a major grocery store so over the past 5 years, I’ve become better at looking in the pantry, freezer and fridge, and simply creating recipes with what we have.  My husband, Derek, is a fantastic cook and I think I secretly aspire to cook more like him.  Shhhh!  Here, I’m excited to post photos and recipes:  The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


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