Blogging…really?  It only hit me this morning that perhaps I would be interested in starting one of these.  15 minutes later, here I am learning some new BLOG vocabulary!  We’ll see if this journey helps to meet my blogging goal (which may be better defined after I  fine tune my writing skills.   It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything other than clinical writing. 🙂

I am an ordinary Mom trying to raise extraordinary children by teaching, modeling, and encouraging.  My faith and family drive all other decisions.  I am striving to achieve greatness through work (not just the kind that I get paid for) all while trying to set the ever driving force of pride aside.  I have a wonderfully supportive husband and two distinctly different little boys who are equally lovable, smart, and absolutely DELICIOUS!

I have a fairly solid outer core, however I’m a sucker for the following: The National Anthem, Old Glory, the winners of all types of events (especially the under dogs), the smell of leather, people in need that are trying to better themselves, Marley & Me, a man who removes his hat in the presence of a lady and fat babies.  I do try to follow a workout-health  plan because I have to, not because I’m in love with it!  I’m not one to pretend to LOVE the workout and be addicted to the high–Blah Blah Blah.  I love french fries & the bread basket as much as the next gal!

I’m striving to contribute something to my family, my community, & perhaps even some stranger along the way.  I don’t believe in luck or coincidence and I love it when I discover why God led me to certain events in my life only to prepare me for the next.  Although I strongly believe in having a positive outlook and can easily encourage others, I’ve got some routine, negative self talk that I’m working on!  I’m impulsive (spontaneous sounds better) and decisive. 

I’m outspoken (working on that too) and an advocate for kids of all types of needs.  (So if you work with kids or are a parent, and are phoning it in, WATCH out!) 🙂 I think it’s a privilege to have a job and if you have one, I believe you should give it all you’ve got.  My expectations are high.    I’m F A R from perfect, but expect a lot of myself.   BRING IT (that one is for Derek) 🙂    I’ll step down from the pulpit now… 

At one point and time, I’ve tried to change all of these things about myself.  As I grow older, I think it’s just easier to accept that it’s who I am.  It’s the way I’m wired and I was created for a purpose.  Now my job is to figure out how to use these character traits for the positive—could certainly go either way!  Self Work:  To be continued…

I can't ever decide what to do with my hands...I think I need a prop!


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