What a shot!

Yesterday was a tough day…Surrounded by memories of my dad and all that was important to him.  Through it all, I was reminded of compassion.  Compassion for other humans, compassion for the misfortune of others, compassion for all God’s creatures.  You get the idea…  I’m certainly thankful for those who have compassion for me.  My sweet husband has been so understanding and shown compassion for his wife.  Although he may not truly understand each and every circumstance or my reaction/emotion to it, he consistently shows compassion for me and for me feelings.  He has mastered the art of knowing when to offer a statement of encouragement and when to offer a gentle hug (and when to grab me and INSIST that it really IS going to be ok)!  –Insert grin here!  Feeling thankful, grateful and warm.  Thankful for Derek, but also thankful for my dad and each grandfather who provided  models of what a husband should be.  That modeled behavior turned into my expectation for my own husband.  I’ll forever be grateful for all they did right!

God is the best example of compassion. He loves all of mankind whether or not any one individual loves Him or not.  As our Creator, He desires us to be as compassionate as Him and show human kindness to others.  Thanks Derek, for showing ME human kindness.


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