Monthly Archives: August 2011



I’m extremely concerned that the other day I had to call a friend to schedule a time to call back for a chat. This is ridiculous! What have I done to my life and why is there no time in it? Are we all so busy with FB, texting, working, and BLOGGING 🙂 that we have no time for human contact?

Yearly goals make sense to me. I like timelines, clear objectives and someone with whom to be accountable. So, my goal is to have at least two parties/social gatherings before the year is up. Time for friends and their families to come and enjoy one another with good food and even better convsersation! So, await your invitation. It will be coming…


Welcome to Blogging (a verb)


This is an opportunity for me to express my daily happenings, frustrations, joys, pains and maybe some funnies along the way.  I’m hoping that this form of expression will be more than just self-gratifying and perhaps become a way for friends and family to follow my gang and our journey.